CuriouslyWise is a platform full off inspiration for raising children in their first years by following their own true nature. And as a parent learn to connect with your own true nature again by being fully present at your child’s adventures.

We believe that children are born perfect and as parents we just have to follow and accompagnie them to develop to their fullest potential. They are in contact with themselves and invite us to do the same. Let’s learn from them and offer them a loving space to develop themselves by following their curiosity. And as parents set an example by following our own curiosity, also in parenting!

The online platform offers:

  • stories and experiences of parents in practice
  • theories from books explained and made practical
  • interviews with experts
  • an online program to develop yourself in supporting your kid growing up ‘curiously-wise’.

CuriouslyWise was founded in 2016 by Saskia op de Weegh, pioneer and mother of Sven (4 years) and Jiri (2 years), curious about new ways of supporting children in their development, trusting their true nature and curiosity.