With 4 to 6 other like-minded parents you start a connect-group. The group is a support circle you connect with once a month to exchange experiences and dive into deep listening and uncovering dilemma’s from daily practice in raising your child(ren) curiously-wise.

The support circle starts with 3 facilitated sessions (online) in which you learn:

  • to connect with your own curiosity
  • to hold space for your child’s curiosity
  • deep listening (you apply in the group directly and into your family life and everywhere you want :))
  • holding space for each other within the connect-group to dive into deep learning and even transformation
  • a structure & dates for the follow-up connect-sessions

After these 3 start-up sessions you have acces to e-mail support. You also receive inspiring examples, stories, expert interviews and assignments you can do in practice with your child to develop yourself in ‘curiously-wise’ parenting.


Every month a new Connect-group starts. You apply for the Thursday and/or Monday evening. 8 pm CET (UTC+1). The sessions take 2 hours.


The costs for participating one-year in a Connect-group, including the start-up sessions and monthly inspirational stories and practical tools, are:

You can add 3 personal coaching sessions throughout the year for .. euros extra.

Follow up:

After this year you can as a group decide to continue the sessions or form a new group with experienced participants of other groups. And when you access the platform now at the very beginning you gain lifelong access to all material (now by email, later on a curiously-wise online platform we aim for)